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Jumaat, 9 Disember 2011

hello hello

Assalamualaikum .My feeling right now is just  want to go back home. Feel lonely and trap here like a monkey in the zoo. ayoo what to do. Just have to wait about a month .  This sunday i  have to do  add/ drop subject  , and im kinda stress to arrange my schedule   for next semester plus piss off with new way to add subject !. Dah giler kot diorang nie.Why do this to students. We should  make these thing  easy  ,but now  they make it more difficult  to us.Next week i have  a presentation for my mandarin subject, and im not prepare yet.Learning  Mandarin is more difficult than what  i thought  huhu. Hopefully everything  will go well .Ok wish me luck..

my stress medication hahah

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